Friday, 6 March 2015

Rustic Wedding Ideas & Trends

Rustic Weddings – A little country but a lot of chic!

Unity Wedding Boutique is in love with the rustic wedding trend. Fields, barns, farms, or at camps out in the country are the perfect settings to say a rustic themed “I Do”.

Many celebrity couples are big on the rustic trend. The wedding styles range from Miranda Lambert’s Country Rustic to “First Daughter” Jenna Bush’s Rustic Elegance to Anne Hathaway’s California Rustic Chic wedding.

A rustic wedding should be simple, elegant, and natural. Use to nature to your advantage and don’t over-complicate décor. Vintage aspects give the theme an extra pop. We compiled 8 of our favorite ideas for you to use as inspirations:

Naked wedding cakes are a new trend for rustic weddings. These
simple yet still beautiful and delicious cakes can come fully bare or partially. The cake may exist of very little frosting but they are often adorned with fresh fruits, herbs, or flowers.

Repurpose “junk” or antiques found at local flea markets, junk yards, or garage sales instead of renting tables and chairs. Not only is there potential to save money or even find a piece for your new home together but these pieces can also add the rustic vibe to your big day.

Baby’s breath in a bouquet, centerpiece, or used as décor makes an elegant touch at a rustic wedding. The flowers can be used to hang in balls from a barn rafter to give the barn a natural feel of elegance while keeping its rustic charm.

Cowboy boots are the perfect way for the bride and bridal party to stay in check with their rustic side. The boots are comfortable and easy to wear in any location.

For a rustic bar, use wood tables or barrels and keep the drinks cold in galvanized buckets with ice. Use chalk board or a burlap pin board to display drink selections.

Get away in a vintage beat up truck for a true rustic feel. Limos are glamorous and comfortable but think of how much fun and how cool the photos will be in an old truck!

Old fashioned suits are perfect for a rustic groom. Let your groom and his buddies shine in an array of styles. Try a classic suit, a vest over a button down with simple pants and a tie for a modern fresh look; or go a little old-fashioned in a button down with slacks and suspenders.

Elegant lace is dainty, comfortable, and beautiful. Let your
bridesmaids compliment your bridal beauty by having them in lace. They can wear lace dresses, lace skirts, or even a lace top. Lace is the perfect accent to a rustic wedding. 
Friday, 27 February 2015

Weddings Don't Have to Break the Bank

Money Saving Wedding Tips

The average wedding in the United States, according to Cost of Wedding, is $25,200. Couples often
Bride and Groom Figurines Standing on pile of coins
spend anywhere from $18,900 to $31,500 on their big day. However, the majority of people cannot afford to spend more than $10,000 on a wedding.

Unity Wedding Boutique wants to help brides have the day of their dreams without leaving them in debt. After all a wedding should be a happy start to your new life!

Hidden Fees are very likely to cause your expenses to be high. Save money by staying simplistic for example flat cards instead of bulky cards can lower stamp costs by over $1.50. Also check contracts for charges for cake cutting and trash take out etc. If a venue charges $0.50 per guest to slice the cake and you have 300 guests that’s $150, so you may choose to have a bridal party member cut the cake.
Write down everything! Keeping up with the multiple expenses of a wedding can be very difficult. Sometimes, you might mix up an expense or confuse the budget and spend more than you have. Use an extensive budget print out to keep up with how much the budget will allow you to spend, the vendors estimate, and what you actually spend.

Be savvy with food options for the rehearsal dinner and reception. My Online Wedding Help has 23 ways to save on food. Some ways to save are by having a food truck instead of a catered meal, using only in season produce, and by having a potluck meal at the rehearsal dinner.

Groom and Bride Piggy Banks
Cut down on stationery costs by only sending a save the date and invitation. According to Brides Magazine, hundreds can be saved by having guests RSVP through an app or website for the wedding. You can also have them choose their menu option online too if you’re offering them.

Your wedding day will be special and beautiful.  It doesn’t have to break the bank to be memorable.  
Monday, 23 February 2015

Spring Wedding Trends

8 Ideas to Incorporate in Your Spring Wedding

Spring weddings are coming and we know everyone is probably just as excited as Unity Wedding Boutique to see what brides have in store.  We did lots of research and found our top 8 picks for trends that we hope to see!

Beautiful light shades of pastel colors are being used for accents and specifically for bridesmaid dresses this
bridesmaids in aqua dresses walking with groom
spring. Try pastels in the shades of aquamarine and cotton candy.

Brides are no longer only choosing dresses in white or ivory. They now are choosing stunning dresses in the beautiful blush tone. Give your dress a little color while still keeping it neutral.

Don’t want to be a traditional bride? Choose separates instead of the traditional dress. Whether you want pants with an elaborate top or a tulle skirt with an elegant top, you can make it your own!

More of traditional bride, but want two dresses? A lot of brides want the big beautiful gown for the ceremony but something easier to move in for the reception. Choose a detached gown so you can have both for the price of one!

bruschetta with fresh tomatoes and olives in background
Spring is known for its fresh vegetables so let your guests enjoy them.  Farm to table takes fresh ingredients that are healthy and delicious and turns them into incredible meals. This also an option for couples who want their food served family style.

Take bars and food stations to a whole new level by hiring food and drink trucks. Have anywhere from 1 to 10 trucks at your wedding and offer guests foods and drinks that range from sophisticated elegance to fair food. Just make sure you enjoy it.

Go natural with décor and accents this spring by using fresh greenery. It makes the perfect centerpiece, ceiling decoration, or even wall décor.

Take your bridal bouquet up a notch by getting a bouquet that
cascading bridal bouquet
cascades. These arrangements are elegant, stunning, and add a dramatic edge to your wedding.

These beautiful spring wedding trends take weddings to a whole new level and definitely have a flair for spring!

Friday, 20 February 2015

2015: Top 5 Wedding Trends

Wedding Trends for 2015

2015 is upon us and while weddings have begun, wedding season is fast approaching. Unity Wedding Boutique has found the top 5 trends you may want to use for your big day!

Formal & Themes
Formal weddings are in again along with themed events. Show off your style by choosing a theme
Bride and Groom in wedding attire
you love and truly running with it, after all it is YOUR day!

Surprising Venues
Traditional ceremonies in a church followed by traditional receptions in catering halls and hotels are no longer the hype. Traditions change so be adventuresome with your venue. Want a classic? Try your local library. Want romantic? Go for an art gallery or botanical garden. Need something a little more eccentric? Try an Aquarium, Zoo, or even a sports facility like a baseball or football stadium!

Mix Up the Colors
Clean palettes are soft, elegant, romantic, and classic. They make for beautiful weddings, but why stop there? Mix them with a bold color like the 2015 color of the year, Marsala, from Pantone. Mixing clean and bold colors makes for an eccentric but still elegant palette to set your wedding apart!

What’s Old is New Again
Bride and Groom dancing
Re-vamp your music! Everyone loves classic music at a wedding, you can’t go wrong with Etta James singing At Last or any of your other favorites from other artists. Instead of just using the classic – old version though, vamp it up by using the new version of the old. Jason Mraz has re-recorded At Last or you can even make it more fun by choosing other songs you love that new artists have made their own. Example: Grease – You’re the one that I want try the slower more intimate version by The Lennings.

Unconventional Foods
Food stations are all the rage at weddings these days but so are serving new foods. You can serve fresh from the garden by bringing the farm to table aspect to your reception or use international cuisine. Make your wedding really interesting by changing the flavors of your wedding cake! Couples these days are choosing to be bold by selecting flavors such as Aztec Hot Chocolate or Honey Lavender.
Wedding cake showing slice removed revealing filling

What do these trends all have in common?  Weddings are about the couple and these trends focus on letting your personalities shine through!

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